Risky Business

Thursday (today) is the day of the week that I normally get things together for Sunday mornings, you could say it has become my routine.  I will get the bulletins printed and folded for the week, get games together, make sure all of the equipment is ready to go, backpack is packed, etc.

I realized today as I was making copies of the bulletins that I didn’t even make a “trial copy” anymore.  See, when I first started I was always scared I would mess up and would make something incorrect and so I would make a trial copy to make sure everything was right.  As I have gotten into more of a routine and gotten more confident in what my duties are I have gotten a little riskier…  Yes, risky to a youth pastor is making copies without a trial run, SO daring. haha.  It’s kind of funny to think about like that but it really did reveal something to me.

In life we get more risky as we get more routine. (It sounds confusing at first but it’s not.)

Think about it – in your life the more you get into a routine, the more comfortable you become with something, the more you are willing to cut corners, take a risk, do it a little different… Why? Because you are confident!

If you are like me, you get to a place with God at times (a lot of times) where you are not willing to take risks, you (and me) want to play it safe.  If you are at that place right now I want to challenge you… I challenge you (and myself) to get into a routine with God.

But how?

Get into a routine in your prayer life, in your quiet time, in just realizing God’s presence and being willing to sit and bask in His presence!  As you (and I) do this we will become more confident in God and who He is, we will rest more in His promise and His protection, and if I were to guess, we will be willing to take more risks!

As you (and I) get into our routine and learn more about God we will learn a few things:

1. He has ALWAYS called His follower’s to take risks and do crazy things for as far back as the Bible goes (Noah build a boat when it’s never rained, Abraham put your son on the alter, etc.).

2. He has ALWAYS protected them through these risks! (Noah made it safely and Abraham brought Isaac back home!)


So here is my final question for you:

If God has ALWAYS called His people to risks and to crazy things to glorify Himself, then why would He stop with us??  HE WOULDN’T!!

Go get into a routine, gain confidence in God, and take a risk!! Do something crazy for God!!… Stop that excuse before it leaves your lips – God has ALWAYS protected His people!!

“As Scripture says, ‘Anyone who believes in Him will never be put to shame.'”

Romans 10:11


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